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Activity Centre

Our Tinkering Lab is dedicated to training school children in a variety of cutting-edge technologies including AI and Robotics, Electronics, IoT, 3D Printing, and Drones. Annually, the centre hosts a Summer Camp catering to students from 3rd to 10th standard, held between March and May. Additionally, we offer internships to students from 9th to 12th standard, focusing on Robotic, 3D…..

Coding Jr

Coding Junior is an Edu-tech company specialising in delivering integrated curricula to schools in the fields of AI, Robotics, Data Sciences, and Coding for students. Our products encompass Virtual labs, Animated presentations, a mobile app, and AI-based assessments, facilitating schools in the digitization and implementation of technology to enhance the learning experience.

Coding Pro

Coding Pro is an Edu-tech platform that offers quality and advanced coding courses for Engineering and Degree students as online/offline for App development, Game development, Web development, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, IoT (Internet of things), Networking and has developed the world’s first generative AI visual HR tool.

Find The Best, Experiential Learning Centre

Experience innovation firsthand at our cutting-edge learning centre. Dive into hands-on projects in AI, Robotics, IoT, 3D Printing, and Drones. Our immersive programmes offer real-world skills, from coding to design, in a state-of-the-art facility, Explore, Create, and innovate with us.



What is Datafication?

What is Datafication?

Datafication is simply transforming everything in our lives into devices or software powered by...

What is  Genomics?

What is Genomics?

Imagine a technology that can study and use your DNA to improve your health, helping you fight...

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